Our entire focus is to help owners of unwanted or distressed properties find financial relief. I BUY CANBERRA HOMES team is proud of our unique ability to help local residents overcome financial hardships. With over 30 years of experience, we offer people a feasible, quick way out of their burdensome property through fair cash offers.

At I BUY HOMES, we make the home selling process easy. Coupling his 30 years of experience with vast resources and connections, Goran Tiny Srejic created a company whose entire focus is to help owners of unwanted or distressed properties find financial relief. As a founder and successful entrepreneur, he found a passion for real estate and decided to start helping homeowners with a commitment to simplifying the house-selling process by buying peoples’ unwanted houses fast–for cash!

We are locally based, so you can trust that I BUY HOMES has your best interests at heart. Offering a personal touch that is not often, we create a connection with each potential client, using compassion, discretion and honesty to guide us in crafting a fair offer for financially-draining properties. We understand that the decision to sell your house is not always an easy one–whether you are looking to settle a divorce, pay off medical bills, rid yourself of back taxes, or you simply don’t want the hassle of keeping up with the property anymore, we can help you get on with your life quickly and hassle-free.



We specialize in working with homeowners like you to develop a solution for almost any situation.



We pay cash for Canberra houses and close fast.



We are here to help you solve your property problem.

We buy any house, in any condition, in any location throughout ACT.

Our house buying process is completely confidential.
Nobody needs to know you are selling because there is no need for advertising, for sale signs and intrusive internal viewings.

Kellie Chalker-Hall
Sales and Marketing Consultant