I have just inherited a property.
Why sell to us?

We purchase property

There is no need to stage the home or pay for costly repairs before selling. We purchase homes in all conditions.

No removal

No need to remove any unwanted contents.

No fees

No commissions or costly fees.

No open houses

No open houses and real estate agents showing your home.

You Inherited a Home

  • We purchase home as-is. We purchase homes in all conditions
  • No need to remove any unwanted contents
  • No commissions or costly fees
  • No open houses and real estate agents showing your home

If you find yourself in a situation where you inherit a house from a loved one, there can be difficult decisions to make. You will need to decide on whether you wish to sell the property, rent it out or live in it. Each option can become difficult if you don’t have plenty of time or money. With all the maintenance, taxes, payments, and fees that come with inheriting a property, often selling is the best option for everyone involved. We are here to make your sale as quick and painless as possible by providing the option to sell “as-is”. Whatever the case may be, I BUY HOMES can assist you if you want to sell it as quickly and easily as possible without having to make any repairs.

Selling an inherited house can’t always be achieved quickly but I BUY HOMES offers an easier and quicker process which can result in less hassle for the homeowner.

When you don’t want to keep an inherited house and need a fast way to sell it to avoid financial concerns, selling for cash to I BUY HOMES can be a win-win situation!

We buy any house, in any condition, in any location throughout ACT.

Our house buying process is completely confidential.
Nobody needs to know you are selling because there is no need for advertising, for sale signs and intrusive internal viewings.


There are many reasons why a person would choose to go for a quick cash sale when selling an inherited property. Once all the legal matters have been dealt with and you now own this new property the last thing you want to do is for it to continue to stay empty, incurring tax and utility bills. Leaving a newly inherited house dormant can result in the dilapidation of a property as well as in increased risk of criminal damage.

Also the financial cost of preparing and repairing an inherited house for sale so that it is attractive to potential buyers can be very high. Cost such as redecorating, house clearing and the cost of putting the property on the market all mount up.

Selling an inherited property can’t always be achieved quickly with real estate agents but I BUY HOMES offers an easier and quicker process which can result in less hassle for the homeowner.

I BUY HOMES provides a helpful, friendly service for those looking to sell their inherited house fast. With us, you are able to avoid the hassle and stress of dealing with real estate agents by selling the property privately, quickly and easily. We buy any house and guarantee a fast cash offer will be made, regardless of condition and irrespective of your reasons for selling. We provide the swift equity release that people are looking for, enabling them to get on with their lives and enjoy their inheritance as it was intended.

Don't let your inherited house cost you money or cause you stress!