Exchange service

Found a home to buy but have not sold your current house? Our house exchange service provides you with a guaranteed sale of your old house allowing you to buy a new home. In essence, it is very similar to selling and buying a house on the open market, it is just a lot quicker and less complicated!

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Exchange your home

Most home buyers also have a house to sell and until it is sold they cannot proceed with the purchase. Selling your home can be a slow and stressful process and this often means you will miss out on the property you have found, therefore many people consider house exchange to sell their homes fast. There are lots of reasons why you might want to exchange your home rather than go down the traditional house sale route. You could be in a hurry to move, perhaps because of a new job, business opportunity or wanting to get settled before a new year at school. Maybe you have found your dream home and don’t want to lose it.

We buy your house direct in the timescale you need to buy your new home. If you want to sell your house fast, without the delays, fees and hassles usually associated with selling your home, I Buy Canberra Homes has many years of experience helping people just like you. Completion can happen in a little as 15 days and we guarantee that the funds will be available on the day of completion, allowing you to move with confidence without risk of losing your dream home. You can exchange contracts immediately and move to the house you want with the funds from the sale of your current house.

Fast offer

I Buy Canberra Homes don’t tie you into anything. You can upsize, downsize, buy new, buy old, delay your purchase or even not buy at all. We simply buy your current home in the timescales you want, releasing the equity for you to use as required. Overall our house exchange service offers you guaranteed flexibility and certainty all with the minimum of paperwork and stress. If you want to secure your new home and need to sell, we buy any house in Canberra, regardless of condition, location or price.